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  • Advertorial options and rates.
  • Combos: discounted deals on package options.
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Website display advertising FAQs

Can we use and submit Flash files for our ads?

No, Flash files aren’t accepted. The reason for this is that many mobile devices don’t display Flash. So not only does this create a frustrating experience for our users (which we’d like to avoid), but it also means the growing number of mobile users won’t see your ad. And we want them to see your ad!

Are reports available on website display ads?

Yes, reports on your website display ads are available – please ask your Sales Manager for details.

Will my advertisement show on small screens, such as mobile devices?

Yes. The Commercial & Industrial Property  News website is responsive, which means that it automatically resizes to suit the screen size it’s being viewed on. Your ad will always show, but it may automatically shrink to fit the screen – particularly so with Leaderboard and Billboard ads.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid using very small fonts: we suggest you use a font that’s equivalent to Arial 48pt (that’s points, not pixels) as a minimum for Leaderboard and Billboard advertisements.

Can you guarantee that my ad will appear at the top of the page?

No. The website is set up so that Island, Mini Island and Skyscraper ads are rotated, so that every advertiser has an equal chance of appearing at the top. If you want a guaranteed position on the Home page please choose a Billboard or Leaderboard ad.

How can I get more click-throughs on my ad?

The best way to get click-throughs is to make your add eye-catching, and finish with a strong call-to-action.

A good formula to follow is AIDA, which stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s been used since 1898 and still works today!

  • Attention: Grab attention by using a strong headline. Asking a question or using the word ‘you’ works well.
  • Interest: Add a sentence to show that you understand your customer’s problem or issue.
  • Desire: Mention a key benefit or two of your product or service.
  • Action: End your ad with a strong call-to-action. Limited time offers work well, and be really clear on what you want the reader to do. Is it to click the ad? Call you? Email you? (Hint: use a mechanism that you can measure easily.)

When you follow the AIDA format, use your logo, company name and company details at the bottom of the ad. Your company details are part of the call-to-action; it’s important that the headline is the hero at the top of your ad.

I’d like a combination of online advertising and/or mix it with print advertising.

Please speak to the Sales Manager, who’ll can create a customised package to meet all your business needs.

Who do I send my artwork to?

Please send your artwork to the Sales Manager.


Can I do a solus email campaign?

No. Solus email campaigns (where the content is 100% advertising) create a lot of Unsubscribes. Our email newsletter readers are important to us, so we’d rather keep a good balance between editorial and paid-for content.