Safer, swifter and more productive workplace ladders

A leading global range of ladder systems and access equipment purpose-built to provide solutions to major workplace safety and efficiency issues has been introduced by United Forklift and Access Solutions The Elevah range – for which United has been appointed exclusive national distributor – is focussed on enhancing workplace efficiency while preventing accidents and falls from lower heights, which are one of the leading causes of serious injury in workplaces worldwide. Continue →

Hazardous Materials

Clear disregard for safety proves expensive

Sub-optimal demolition work of three residential buildings placed workers and neighbours at significant risk of asbestos exposure and landed the home owner with a large clean-up bill, WorkSafe says The dangers of asbestos have long been recognised, which is why the extensive failings of P&M Demolition Specialists Ltd and its sole director, Jade Ngaha, are so disturbing, the health and safety regulator explains. Continue →
Health & Safety

Get up, stand up, stand up for your life

Get up and stand up for at least two hours daily during working hours, office workers advised Office workers should be on their feet for a minimum of two hours daily during working hours, recommends guidance designed to curb the health risks of too much cumulative sitting time, and published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Continue →

New research calls for Personal Injury Commissioner

Changes including establishing a Personal Injury Commissioner are needed to help the hundreds of thousands of injured New Zealanders whose claims are declined each year by ACC, important new research has found The Law Foundation-backed research also calls for change to the way ACC determines injury causation. Continue →

Essential road risk guidance for senior managers

International road safety charity Brake has published a new guidance report aimed at senior managers in organisations with at-work drivers in collaboration with vehicle tracking specialists Quartix Managing road risk: a guide for senior managers provides crucial information for senior managers on the importance of road risk management, along with practical measures for implementation. Continue →

A breath of fresh air

If fresh clean non-polluted air is the elixir of life, why is it that we have to have laws to make us responsible for the health of those we employ? Continue →

On-site tool service for better workplace safety

On-site tool servicing not only cuts downtime and optimises efficiency, it also helps improve and maintain workplace safety  Not having to ship out valuable maintenance and fabrication tools – including torque wrenches, hand pumps or cylinders – just for a service or calibration means staff can get back to the job quicker. Continue →